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The Opportunity in Electric Vehicles

3 Septembre 2012 , Rédigé par Thierry Publié dans #Activité FSG

Logo 75ans de la FSGConférence de Christophe Mangin, Directeur R&D stratégie globale, General Motors, organisée dans le cadre du 75e anniversiare de la Faculté de sciences et génie de l'Université Laval.

Date : 27 septembre 2012, 12 h 30

Lieu: local 2751 pavillon Adrien-Pouliot, Université Laval

Résumé de la conférence

General Motors is intent on playing a key role in creating the science and technology that will help shape the automotive future. One major area of focus is the electrification of the vehicle. Vehicle electrification is a key enabler for energy diversification, sustainable automotive transportation, and new personal mobility options.  Electrically driven vehicles can store electricity on board a vehicle electrochemically in a battery or chemically as hydrogen that is converted into electricity by an onboard fuel cell.  These technologies can be employed in a range of electric vehicle solutions to allow virtually every energy source to be utilized to power automobiles, including renewable resources.  In his keynote, Dr. Mangin will address the key technology areas required for vehicle electrification and highlight some of the major challenges and opportunities they present.  Developing solutions in these areas is critical to realizing the promise of electric vehicles and providing significant energy, environmental, and economic benefits to society.


Note biographique

Christophe Mangin is Director of Global Strategy for GM’s Research & Development (R&D) organization. In his capacity he is responsible for creating and managing external collaborations with universities, suppliers and start-up companies. Christophe manages the global science office network with representatives in key strategic geographic locations around the world and is responsible for the open-innovation process. Christophe also leads the Intellectual Property (IP) strategy including the Records of Invention process for GM Global R&D and manages the Corporate GM Library. Christophe has a Ph.D. from MIT in materials science and engineering economics, a Master of Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in ceramic engineering and a Bachelor’s degree from Ecole des Mines (France) in metallurgy. Christophe started his career at General Motors Corporation in 2007 after 13 years at Ford Motor Company where he has held a series of position in R&D, product strategy & planning, and business strategy. Prior to those assignments, Christophe worked in Japan for Kawasaki Steel Corporation in the area of business analysis for technology transfer.

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